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Events: Battles of Ragnaroc

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I. Battle the first: The forest of Vigridr, Odin verses the great wolf Fenris

This battle shall begin at 11 AM by the sounding of the horn of Heimdallr. The forces of the Aesir will begin the battle in the forests beneath the main camps. The forces of the Rime-Giants shall be arrayed directly North of them. The forest shall be measured from the edge of the western trail to the bottom of the slope to the East.

The Heroes of this battle are Odin of the Aesir armed with the warspear (glaive or spear) Gungnir, and Fenris for the sons of Muspell armed with any combination of two-weapons; all other champions and monsters shall abide by the standard rules. The battle shall be fought to the last man; in a battle for the fate of the world no quarter is asked, and none shall be given.

II. Battle the second: Tyr verses Garmr

The beast Garmr is running loose on Asgard and Tyr has been sent to slay it. The Aesir will be on the eastern/topside of the mountainside and the Sons of Muspell shall begin at the base, attacking in three waves. Each wave will be approximately ten minutes long and at the end of that time all of the attackers get to resurrect, but not regrow missing limbs. On the topside, the men of Asgard will regrow limbs but not resurrect. The battle is decided by who holds the banner posted originally at the end of the third wave. The hero Tyr is required to use any single-handed weapon with nothing grasped in his opposite hand, the beast Garmyr will be armed with only a 4ft. mass weapon.

III. Battle the third: Freyr verses Surtr

This battle shall begin as soon as both forces are arrayed in the opposing sides of the woods. At the sound of the horn both forces shall join in a resurrection battle within the woods. Freyr, armed with any weapons save a sword, and Surtr, armed with any weapons of his choosing are the Heroes of this battle. The battle shall last for 45 minutes or until such time as the opponents banner is captured and brought to the opposing resurrection point. If this is not accomplished the battles victor shall be determined by seizure and retention of certain sites.

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IV. Battle the fourth: Thor verses the Midgaard Serpent

This time the forces of the Sons of Muspell shall begin at the boundary of water and earth with the forces of the Aesir at the far northern end of the field. Thor shall be armed with Mjolnir (a hammer) and the serpent shall be armed according to its special rules. These two are the Heroes of this battle and all others shall follow the standard rules. The battle shall be fought until one side holds the field uncontested.

V. Battle the fifth: Vidarr verses Hrymyr

The giant Hrymyr, piloting the ship Naglfar, is rampaging throughout the land. The hero Vidarr has been sent to stop him. A boat battle shall ensue. In this battle none may leave their respective boats save to enter another. Any who are cast over the side are considered to have drowned. The open field and shoreline of the park shall be considered the lands of the Aesir that are awash by the thrashing anger of the Midgard serpent. Each boat must have one "oarsman" for each 3 feet in length after the first five or else it cannot be moved. Each oarsman must have two hands upon the boat in order to be considered valid. If a ship is 30 feet long it must have at least 8 oarsmen must be holding it until it contacts another boat and can be "lashed " to it. Once a boat is "lashed" to another, neither can be moved until all of the battles on it have been resolved. The champions, Vidarr and Hrymyr, are considered immortal even if they fall into the sea. If this occurs they (and only they) may move on their knees to another boat.

VI. Battle the Sixth: Loki verses Heimdallr : The Bif-Rost Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge, called Bi-Frost, stands between the lands of men and the gods of Asgard. It is here that the deadly battle between Loki the Trickster and Heimdallr the Warder is played out. Each of the armies shall start at opposite ends of a bridge that is demarked by railway ties standing end to end. Running on these ties is permissible but any step off of them will mean certain death even to the two champions. The bridge shall be 75 cubits long and 12 cubits wide. There shall be a banner post 25 cubits back from the end of each bridge; if any member of the opposing team seizes this banner the battle is over with victory being claimed with the seizure.


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