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Special Rules for Heroes and Champions

In order to add a few more twists to a fulfilling day of combat, we have some special scenarios additions to place in each of our heroic battles.

Hero Rules : The Aesir and the Rime-Giants were not ordinary mortals, or even extraordinary ones, they were Gods; and on our battlefield, they will be gifted with powers of invincibility. To represent this, the named heroes in a given battle will be unkillable by any but their legendary Nemesis. Blows received from all others will not be counted, though blows dealt by these warriors will be counted as normal. After one Hero meets and bests the other, his power is diminished and he may be killed as any other Champion. This makes it inevitable that Odin will meet Fenris, Freyr will meet Surtr, etc. etc. and should substantially alter the normal course of battle.


Champions are extraordinary warriors that have lesser powers in each battle that they are not named as Heroes. Once per battle each of these warriors may resurrect as long as one of their comrades is willing to accept the death in their stead. So, if during the battle of Thor and the Serpent, Odin is struck down then a mere mortal may take the death for him by shouting "My life for Odin" ... or Vidarr, Loki, Fenris, Tyr, etc. etc. This should allow the champions more opportunity to live up to their god-like reputations.

Four of these positions shall be meted out by appointment; four shall be meted out for service; and four shall be achieved by tournaments held before the day of Ragnaroc.

The Champions of Midgard The Rime Giants

  • Odin the All-Father Fenris Wolf (tournament)
  • Thor the Thunder God The Midgard serpent (tournament)
  • Freyr (Service)
  • Surtr the Fire Lord
  • Tyr (tournament)
  • The Beast Garmyr (Service)
  • Vidarr (tournament)
  • Hrymyr, pilot of Naglfar (Contest)
  • Heimdallr (Service)
  • Loki

Those champions chosen by tournament will be selected by winning the appropriate contest. Anyone who is already a named hero may not win the tournaments to select another. Look on the Tournament description page to see the rules and forms of the named tournaments.


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