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Events: Fenris Dagger Tournament

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The Fenris dagger tournament is to be held as a holmgang at the "battle ring". The tournament will be daggers only and grappling shall be allowed. Each fighter will be armed with two daggers upon entering the pit and the fight shall not commence until the pit master calls for the battles to begin. Daggers may be no longer than 18 inches from pommel to tip.

The "battle ring" is a twenty-foot circle that may be entered from any side. Spectators may line the sides of the "battle ring" to offer encouragement to whichever wolf they choose, but are cautioned that being this close may well be hazardous.

The victor of the Fenris dagger tourney will be proclaimed a hero and will portray a champion of choice for the duration of the event. All of those wishing to enter the dagger pit will need to understand that this contest is not for the feint of heart. The tourney shall be a pit fight style event, wounds shall be retained and the combatant with the most victories, as recorded by the pit master, shall be declared the champion.

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