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Events: Ring of Fire

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Each year, on the final night of Ragnaroc we hold a sacred ritual known as the Ring of Fire. Only those warriors who have lasted the entire day of battle (read fought in all of the days battles) may contest and pit their might against the mighty Giant Surtr in an effort to keep him from entering this world. Injury is more common in this hallowed crucible as the warriors within fight for the salvation of all they hold dear, and so it is that those of you who would join us are advised to caution and shriving.


The winner of last years RoF tournament begins in the center circle and awaits the advent of the dread giant. Here he proclaims loudly that he is Surtr and challenges any that would try and stop him to defeat him in single combat. The battle is joined as the ring is bathed in flame going in a continuous loop of one combat succeeding another until the flames are extinguished. As Surtr watches amused, he forgets his pleasure in our destruction and loses his opportunity to advance once more into our plane and is thus forestalled for yet another year.


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