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Events: Roving Rapier

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The RRT or roving Rapier tournament is simple and elegant providing days of fun for all involved and even for those not involved. The idea and rules are simple, all combatants begin the tourney as gentlemen of the court and thus able to offer and receive challenges from other gentlemen.

Each gentleman begins the tournament with two tokens (i.e.: lives). These must be displayed openly and for all to see and are a measure of the current status of each individual gentleman. A challenge may be issued to any who either have equal to or more than your current number of tokens, but never to someone lower on the "ladder" than yourself, this would be "ungentlemanly". The person with the most tokens at the end of the tournament will be proclaimed the victor and win the prize.

The only way that people can be removed from the tournament is by losing their last token in a challenge match. If this occurs then they are no longer considered "gentlemen" but still are in service to the Sovereign, this service takes the form of being one of the Sovereigns loyal guards. And, as the Sovereign has placed a ban on all dueling, it falls to the guards to arrest brawlers and suppress disorder. So, in this manner, no person is left out of the fun for the duration of the entire tournament.

The Rules :

1) All combatants' start with two tokens and no more than one token is exchanged between gentlemen at the end of any duel.

2) All gentlemen must have at least one second in order to fight a duel in a place that has non-participants in it (such as the tavern, merchant's row, or an encampment), the seconds both act as marshals and are not part of the duel.

3) No one shall actively participate in a battle without the appropriate combat attire/armor.

4) In order to arrest gentleman brawlers, the guard must actually witness them in combat, challenge them by calling for their swords, and then either accept their tokens or defeat them in combat, throughout this time the seconds remain as marshals.

5) If gentlemen are caught brawling in defiance of the edicts they may desist and pay one token to the Crown for breaking the law, or they may attempt to engage the guard in combat. If they are victorious and slay all of the guards then no penalty is imposed, if they fail the guards may seize two of their tokens.

6) Slain guardsmen must go and have a drink of water at the tavern after which they may rejoin the hunt for brawlers.

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