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What is Ragnaroc?
Recreationist battles in Washington. Spend four days at one of the best medieval recreationist events in the Pacific Northwest.
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"Brothers shall strive and slaughter each other in An axe-age, a sword-age, shields shall be cloven; A wind-age, a wolf-age, ere the World totters."


Just off of I-5 at The Mill at Sand Creek 5129 Sand Road, Bellingham, WA 98226

This new facility will feature expanded camping areas, a tavern, extensive woods battle terrain and something great!

It is the time of Ragnaroc XI.

Come to the edge of the sea for four days of fighting and revelry to match Valhalla. This year's event is from

June 27-June 30, 2013.

Medieval combat. Battle your rivals in massed combat using all manner of replica weaponry and armor. Take part in contests of individual skill: Archery, rapier, heavy weapons and specialty tournaments. Fight to save the world from the fire giant Surtr and the hordes of Loki, or bring down the wicked Aesir and the false gods of men in a battle at the gate of the BiFrost bridge and grandest forest in the Nine Worlds.

Celebrate your victories around the campfire or pass your evening drumming and dancing at the Twilight Oasis.

Gain Wisdom and skill. Learn at the feet of the masters as they hold seminars in the arts of peace and war.

Ragnaroc is a five-day medievalist event at The Mill at Sand Creek. 5129 Sand Road, Bellingham, WA 98226
Site Fee is $25 for the full week $20 Friday-Sunday $15 Saturday. Children 6-12 $5, 5 and under free.

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